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Type Date
eldred On abandoned farm at SW corner of Polk County 16 and County Highway 45 just 1/2 mile NW of Eldred.
(GPS: 47.687288, -96.785037)
C ???? Storage None Wood
euclid On an abandoned farm site about 6 miles east of town on CR-19, on north side in group of trees. C ???? Vacant None Wood
Gully West side of Dakota Street just south of 1st Avenue
(GPS: 47.467419,-94.888197)
C ???? Residence None Wood  
lengby North side of old MN 8, about 1/2 mile west of MN-4.
(GPS: 47.520708,-95.6461140)
C ???? Residence None Wood
Tilden Junction 536 South Vance in Erskine.
(GPS: 47.662432,-96.017528)
C 1894 Residence None Wood
winger East side of US-59 at Wisconsin Street
(GPS: 47.537196,-95.981546)
C 1904  Vacant In Use Wood  
Angus This station was between 2nd and 3rd Streets.
Beltrami This station was on Pacific Avenue between 5th and 6th.
Benoit This station was named after Fred Benoit who owned the land that the station was on. Benoit was also the postmaster at Lawton, one mile to the north. About 1.5 miles NW of Benoit was a spur that branched to the north to a gravel pit.
Buffington This village, which no longer exists, was in section 5, Fanny Township, and section 32 of Euclid Township.
Carthage This station was in section 33 of Sullivan Township, just to the east of Sullivan Siding.
Climax This station's original location was on US 75 (Main Avenue) between Broadway and 1st Street North. The town was formerly known as Meos. It was moved to a farm (later abandoned) along the river north of the west end of County Highway 51 at 47.577912,-96.852996. It was torn down when the land was cleared in 2014.
Crookston There were passenger and freight stations on Market Street just North of West Robert Street.
Crookston This station was at the east end of 4th Street, just past Elm Street.
Crookston Junction
This station was in the SW corner of Crookston, but I am not sure of the exact location.
This station was in Huntsville Township, in the NE corner of Section 14. This would be where CR-226 crosses the old grade just east of the Grand Marais River.
Davison no longer exists. It was midway between Key West and Sherack in Keystone Township.
Dugdale This station was at the north end of Main Street in Dugdale, but this town essentially does not exist anymore. The town was also previously known as Albert.
East Grand Forks This station was near Business US 2 and 3rd Avenue NE.
East Grand Forks This station was on the northeast side of 4th Street NW.
fertile Perhaps this station predated the one listed below? This station was on Northern Pacific Street between Washington and Lincoln Streets.
Fisher This station was near the corner of Kittson Street and 4th Street North.
fosston This station was near the intersection of 2nd Street SE and Hillestad Avenue. It was on the north side of the tracks toward 1st Avenue.
Harold Harold is located in section 25 of Fairfax Township.
Hunt This station was located near what is now the entrance to Riverbend Golf Club off US2/MN220. The land that the golf club is on today was owned by Mrs. M. Hunt in the early 1900s.
Kankel This station was in Section 6 of Onstad Township.
Key West
The station was on the east side of 340th Avenue.
Kohler A very old station that was gone by the turn of the century (1900), this was located in Belgium Township in Section 32.
This station was between Fertile and Tilden.
Mallory The depot was at the corner of Coulter and Main Streets across the street from old School #11. In 1902, the town had a post office, town hall, two grain elevators and a church.
Mc Donald
This station was less than a mile southeast of Davidson on the property of D.H. McDonald. The McDonald and Davidson depots were at opposite ends of the same siding (according to the 1902 Polk County map).
Mc Intosh This station was on the west side of SW Cleveland Avenue.
Although the village was/is called Melvin, the station was known as Holmes and was a bit east of the Melvin post office and store.
Mentor This station was on the SW corner of 3rd Street North and Lincoln Avenue.
This station was along US 75 between 2nd and 3rd Streets. It was on the east side of the tracks.
Noyes Junction  
Ross Gone by 1900, this station was in section 19 of Lowell Township.
Sherack This was the end of the "Sherack Spur" line that ran north from Key West.
This station was on Pacific Avenue between 5th and 6th. Although there was a 13-block town site platted here, it never developed much beyond a couple buildings.
Sprague This station was about 3 miles NW of Fisher.
Sullivan Siding This station was just east of East Grand Forks near where Gateway Drive NE crosses 10th Street NE (section 32 of Sullivan Township).
Tilden When there was a little town here, the station was on Broadway at Tilden Street. According to the 1902 map, there wasn't much here aside from the railroad station. This was located in Section 27 of Tilden Township.
Tilden Junction This station was south of the village near the crossing of the GN/NP in Section 22 of Tilden Township.
Trail The last agent here bought the station and dismantled it using the wood for a garage.
Vannet This was in Section 3 of Nesbit Township and may have been an earlier name of Key West (also in Section 3).
(Walker Siding)
This station was on the north side of the tracks on the southern border of Section 32 of Keystone Township (the northern border of Section 5 of Nesbit Township).
Wilds Listed as a early GN station, this location is unknown.
Notes About Existing Stations...

Eldred (Great Northern) - This station was originally on Great Northern Avenue just east of Polk (CR-16).

Euclid (Great Northern) - This station was originally on US 75 at 5th Street.

Lengby (Great Northern) - This station was originally on the east side of Main Avenue (formerly Till Avenue).

Tilden Junction (Northern Pacific) - The agents bay only has one side of glass, but there were two sets of windows on the agents bay at right angles, one for the NP and one for the GN. In the remodeling, the agents bay became part of the kitchen and one set of windows was removed. This was on the NP's Red Lake Falls Branch.