Key To The Tables

"City" - City or town where station was originally located. If a station has been moved to a county other than its original location, the station will be listed under both counties.

"Railroad" - The railroad that built the station. Sometimes this can hard to discern if the date of the building is not known and mergers and transformations have taken place. Some of the stations in the list have ????s not because I do not know what line they are on, but rather because we did not know which railroad (evolutionary version or predecessor) built the structure.

"Current Location" - I have tried to be as specific as possible, giving addresses when possible or, barring that, intersection or street names. When submitting a location be specific enough so others who are unfamiliar with the area may easily find the station.

"Type" -

"Current Use"

"Date Built" -  Self-explanatory.

"Track Status" -  Self-explanatory. Again we tried to be as specific as possible.

"Building Material" -  What the station is made of.

"Notes" -  Anything more specific that does not fit in another column. If someone submits an extended note or story about a depot I will make a link from the note section to the extended text.