Unanswered Station Questions
Confirmations Needed

Below is a table of stations that may or may not be still standing. If you happen though any of these places and can get a definitive answer about them, your help will be greatly appreciated. This is the "rumor mill" section of the page where we hope to turn up some hidden gems! The info may be sketchy, and many are probably gone, but this is all I have on these stations. Info below provided by many people, special thanks to Mark Camp for several of these from his past articles in the Railroad Station Historical Society Bulletin.

Email me with any info you have on these stations.

Can anyone identify this station?

1. Unknown Station  - This station was moved from ??? and is located somewhere in Clearfield County being used as a cabin. Anyone have solid info? It looks like an NYC or BR&P station to me. Could this be the Irvona NYC station? Here is an old photo of Irvona.


Town/Station County Clues
Branch Dale Schuylkill Don Dorflinger writes: This building lies along the abandoned right of way
of the ??? (RDG?? LV??) between Pottsville and Tremont. Has that "station look" about it. Wood frame construction, and probably has been added to. Currently a combo Post Office and private residence. Went in to ask, but no one was on duty. Tracks are long gone. It's on Rte #209.

Update: Vincent Tracey, formerly of the area, writes in Dec. of 2008 that he believes this was a Mine Hill & Schuylkill Haven station. I have added it to the Schuylkill County page. Can anyone local confirm that?
Corliss Allegheny Apparently this station was torn down to make way for the new bus line that has taken over the old PRR grade. Anyone know for sure? It was brick station on Chartiers Ave. but I am not sure exactly where. --DW

Mystery Solved: Dave Damp reports that this station was in fact torn down to make way for the busway project. It sat on the west side of the Chartiers Street Bridge

Glenshaw Allegheny This depot is listed on the Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation page but gives no address. It received a plaque from the organization in 1975. When I went looking for it I could not find it. -- DW

Mystery Solved: A member of the PHLF reports that the station was initially on Route 8 then moved to Falls Run Park which is located on Falls Run Road, but burned down sometime after that, and no longer exists.

Hickory Grove Susquehanna The Erie RR station in Hickory Grove was supposedly bought long ago, dismantled, rebuilt as a camp, dismantled again, and rebuilt as a home in Kirkwood, NY, just over the border. Reports claim that the building is by now unrecognizable as a depot. Here is a photo of the station in its original location.
Ingram Allegheny I could not find this station when I visited. Has it been torn down?

Mystery Solved: Dave Damp reports on 7/09/00 that Ingram Station has undergone some cosmetic changes but in fact does exist and is being used as a dentist's office. See Allegheny County page and photo link to left.

LAMONT Elk This building is along the tracks in Lamont (also known as "Madge" by the RR). Several people have said that it is and was a gas company and vaulation records seem to bear that out. Does anyone know the early history of this building and if there was in fact a station at Lamont (either this building or another one that is now gone)? According to the Jones Twp. website: "Here the James brothers erected the first chemical or "acid"  factory in the area. They built a plant in 1882-1883  known as the Lamont Chemical Company. This company operated for nearly forty years. This plant was located about two-miles from the present location of the village along the Highland state Road. The plant contained about 12 retorts, or stills, that were used to extract the various chemicals and acid from the wood.  The remaining charcoal would need to be transported by wagon or sled to Lamont for shipment on the Pittsburgh and Western Railroad. In 1896, a railroad was constructed to provide the plant with direct rail service. The plant shipped nearly four rail cars of charcoal a week and a tank car full of wood alcohol monthly.The Lamont Chemical Company closed it's operation is 1921 because of  the financial condition of the  James brothers and their other companies. A glass plant also existed here at one time, but very little is recorded about it."
Morgan Allegheny This PRR station was somewhere on SR3026 in Cuddy Hill and once, or currently, served as a restaurant. I could not positively identify it. Mark Camp reports that it was heavily modified a while back. Any one know which building this is for sure and can provide an address??
Mount Pleasant Westmoreland A local said this was torn down but I didn't know the exact location so I couldn't confirm this. --DW

Mystery Solved: Allen Smith reports that both the B&O and PRR stations have been torn down. The stations were located at the site of what is now Cooke's Lumber.

Winwood Wayne Where was this town and station? See photo.

Mystery Solved: This town is now called Lakewood in Wayne Co. and this O&W station is still standing!