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Type Current
Avoca 503 Main Street (U.S. 11 north of McAlpine Street
(GPS: 41.335140, -75.743829)
C Business 1912 In Use Wood

Avoca Main Street north of McAlpine Street
(GPS: 41.335286, -75.743780)
F Residence ???? In Use Wood
Bear Creek 35 Cove Road
(GPS: 41.180720, -75.755024)
C Residence ???? None Wood
Eckley Main Street at Eckley Miners Village
(GPS: 40.993555, -75.862578)
C Museum 1969 None Wood
Hazleton Corner of West Chestnut & South Vine Streets
(GPS: 40.954202, -75.979338)
F Business ???? In Use Brick  
Hunlock Creek East side of U.S. 11 across from the old post office. C Vacant 1873 Gone Wood  
Pittston North side of Market Street between Lagrange and Spring Streets. F Civic 1903 Gone Brick  
West Nanticoke U.S. 11 C Business 1873 Gone Wood  
Wilkes-Barre Market Street Square & Wilkes-Barre Boulevard P Vacant 1869 Aband. Brick/
Alden This station burned down on June 4, 1940 (Wilkes-Barre Times Leader Evening News, 6-4-1940). It was abandoned sometime prior to that.
(Harvey's Lake)
Ashley Ashley Station was on the mainline (milepost 169.25) and the Nanticoke Branch (MP 4.86). The passenger and freight stations were next to each other on Cemetery Street just NW of Main Street at GPS: 41.213720, -75.900232.
Ashmore Was on the Hazleton Brach between Weatherly and Stockton. A five mile branch began here that went to Hazle Brook, Pink Ash Junction, Jeddo, Drifton and Freeland.
Avoca Before the new passenger station was built in 1912, the passenger station was on the west side of the tracks where Mill Street crossed (GPS: 41.335729, -75.744055). This station is shown on the 1903 map, but not on the 1908 map.
Avoca This combination station was built in 1885.
Avoca There was a waiting shed/platform and a freight station across the tracks. The photo shows the freight station next to the transformer house/substation.
Avoca There was a waiting shed and platform at the SW corner of Plane Street and William Street (GPS: 41.342336, -75.735080).
Beach haven This combination station was built in 1883.
Dallas There was a passenger and freight station here.
Derringer A shelter-type station was built here in 1885.
Dupont Station was off route 11 paralleling Pittston bypass. The concrete bridge abutment and wood from northbound station are still visible from the route 11 Pittston bypass. These were wooden shelters. They were leveled after passenger service terminated in 1952.
Duryea This combination station was built in 1878.
Edwardsville Junction  
Fern Glen A station was built here in 1885 and a second generation station was built in 1892.
Glen Lyon A new station was built here in 1887.
Gracedale This station was on the old LV line to the east of Penobscot. On the 1873 map, Penobscot station was on this eastern line. Later, on an 1893 LV map, Penobscot was on the western line here and Gracedale was on the eastern line at approximately GPS: 41.167644, -75.862241.
Hazleton The 1873 map directory indicates that a John Hill had a store above the LV depot on the SW corner of Mine and Locust Streets (GPS: 40.955194, -75.980931). This was likely the old Hazleton RR depot as the tracks are marked as such on the map. The HRR was absorbed into the LV by that time (1868). This station was gone by 1884, replaced by a feed mill.
Hazleton This first LV station here was on the SE corner of Church Street and Mine Street at GPS: 40.954200, -75.977161. This station is shown on the 1873 map. The agent was A.M. Eby.
Hazleton The second generation LV stations, shown on the 1884 Sanborn map, were on the south side of West Mine Street between Church Street and Vine Street. The passenger station was at GPS: 40.954284, -75.977714, and the freight station was at GPS: 40.954498, -75.978481. The freight station was enlarged sometime before 1891. After the new larger passenger station was built in 1907, the old passenger station served as offices for the railroad. The freight station had the dubious distinction of buring down twice within six months. It burned in December 1940 and sat in ruins and a pile of salvaged timbers until it burned again in May, 1941 (The Plain Speaker, 5-7-1941).
Hazleton This brick station was on the NE corner of South Wyoming Street and East Mine Street (GPS: 40.953479, -75.974145). It was known as the Wyoming Street Station. The building was originally a saloon and meat market, but was converted into a station sometime between 1888-1891.
Hazleton Built in 1907 this station sat on the east side of South Church Street south of West Mine Street at GPS: 40.953953, -75.977071. It was demolished in 1963.
Hazleton There was a freight station on the NW corner of West Juniper Street and South Laurel Street at GPS: 40.952518, -75.976654. This station was built around 1891 as it appear on the Sanborn map of that year even before the tracks have been laid to it. The building is marked "vacant depot" and next to it is "Penn. RR to run here."
Hazleton Where was the passenger station here?
Hicks Ferry This was a shelter-type station built in 1898. Hick's Ferry was on the east side of the river across from Wapwallopen.
Hudson Built in 1886, this was a combination passenger and freight station.
Jeansville In 1875 the station was on the west side of Main Street on the north side of the tracks. The 1875 map also shows another RR line going trough town a couple blocks north but paralel to the LV. That line is marked, "Old RR to Yorktown (not used)." Yorktown is now known as Audenried in Carbon Co. and this line may have been the Lehigh & Susquehanna as that RR is shown going through Yorktown.
Jeddo The station collapsed from heavy snow in the mid-1990s.
Kingston This station was located on the east side of the mainline, just north of the roundhouse. It, and a freight house, were built in 1878.
Kingston This station station was closed in 1926 (according to Robert Mohowski's book on the NYS&W), caught fire in 1929 (from Harold Fredericks' Wilkes-Barre and Eastern Railroad book) and lost it's roof. It then stood abandoned as an eyesore and hovel for vagrants until December 1937, when it was dismantled by the Works Progress Administration (according to the Wilkes-Barre Record on 12/8/37).
Langdon This station was built in 1902.
Laurel Run Sat at the foot of the Northampton St. overpass at MP 161.29.
Lehigh Tannery There were stations on both sides of the river here about 700 feet from each other as the crow flies. The CNJ station was on the west side of the river (in Luzerne Co.), on the south side of Tannery Road, on the east side of the tracks. The LV station was on the east side of the river (in Carbon Co.) also on the south side of Tannery Road on the west side of the tracks.
Luzerne Station was on the Bowman's Creek Branch.
Luzerne Built in 1878.
Miners Mills Station sat near East Main St. Burned down in Jan., 2000
Mocanaqua A new combination station was built here in 1883.
Mountain Grove
The photo may be of the original Danville, Hazleton & Wilkes Barre station. The station was alternately known as Wolften in the early days and that station is shown on the 1876 map.
Mountain Top On the 1873 map, this station is called Fairview (Mountain Top P.O.).
Nanticoke A new passenger station was built here in 1883.
Nescopec This station was opened in 1883 and was located on Broad Street. Passenger and freight stations as well as the tower were all torn down in 1968.
No. 7 Junction There were passenger and freight stations here. Both were built in 1890. The frieght station was 20' X 30' X 16'.
North Avoca There was a freight station here. It burned on May 20, 1921 according to the Wilkes-Barre Record (5/21/1921).
Penobscot Originally Lehigh and Susquehanna RR.
Pittston This combination station was at the corner of Kennedy Boulevard and Water Street. It was torn down when a new business was built there.
Pittston There was a freight station here that was built in 1886.
Pittston There was a freight station here that was built in 1878. It may have originally served as a passenger or combination station.
(Susquehanna Ave.)
This station was built in 1893.
Pittston Junction In the photo, the building closest to the diamond is the LV passenger station. The LV freight station is behind it to the left. The DL&W/PRR station is to the right.
Pittston Junction
This station was built in 1888 and was owned 50/50 by DL&W and PRR. See above for photo.
Plains This combination station was built in 1893.
Plymouth Built in 1888. There was also a freight house here that was built in 1901.
Rock Glen A new station was built here in 1889.
Sandy Run  
Shickshinny This station was built in 1888.
Solomon's Gap This station is shown just north of Mountain Top on the 1873 map.
Stockton The photo is shot looking west toward Hazleton just east of the current road crossing with the former LV Hazleton line with Hazle Creek to the right and the outline of the Hazleton Shaft Colliery in the distance to the right of center.
Suscon This station was built in 1903.
Tunnel Station At White Haven Tunnel. Also known as "UN" Tower.
Wanamie The narrow-gauge Wanamie Mine Railroad ran behind the station.
West Pittston Sat on Susquehanna Avenue. Was built in 1883.
White Haven Torn down in the 1980s.
White Haven  
Wilkes-Barre The first Lehigh & Susquehanna RR station was on South Street near the river it was built sometime around 1843.
Wilkes-Barre There was a smaller CNJ passenger at the corner of High Street and Hazle Street (GPS: 41.236705,-75.891001). This station is shown on the 1891 and 1910 Sanborn Fire Insurance maps of the city.
There was another small passenger station on the NE side of Parrish Street near South Main Street. Across the tracks on South Main was a small Lehigh Valley passenger station.
Wilkes-Barre The freight station was just to the SW of the main passenger station along South Wilkes-Barre Boulevard (formerly Baltimore Street) at GPS: 41.241258,-75.880483.
Wilkes-Barre There was a freight station near the corner of Market Street and Wilkes-Barre Boulevard at approximately GPS: 41.241258,-75.880483.
Wilkes-Barre This station was on the SE corner of East Market Street and North Pennsylvania Avenue.
Wilkes-Barre Was near the corner of East Pennsylvania Avenue (formerly South Canal Street) and East Market Street. It was built in 1884 and torn down in 1965. It also served the PRR and D&H.
There was a smaller passenger station on the SE side of South Main Street just NE of Parrish Street.
Wilkes-Barre This freight station was on Northampton Street near Wilkes-Barre Boulevard.
Wilkes-Barre This freight station was on the corner of Northampton Street and South Canal Street (now South Pennsylvania Avenue).
Wyoming The water tower in the background of the photo says "Nelson Brothers" which is now Diamond manufacturing. This station was built in 1883.
Wyoming Station was off 8th Street in West Wyoming.
Yatesville This station was built in 1893.
Notes About Existing Stations...

Avoca (D&H) - This is the third station to serve Avoca. It is now a pool supply company.

Avoca (D&H Freight) - This is either the original freight station or the first or second passenger station moved from its original location which was across the tracks to the northwest.

Bear Creek (LV) - The old photo shows the station and hotel. The station was acquired and moved by superintendent F.S. Mitten when he moved to the lake in the late 1930s. In the late 1990s it was remodeled and lost some of its outside details.

Eckley (Replica) - This station was built for the 1969 movie Molly Maguires and still serves as the museum gift shop here.