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Type Current
Dayton Railroad Avenue at North Poplar Street
(GPS: 40.882242,-79.244326)
P Storage ???? In Use Wood  
Kittanning North Grant Street at Vine Street
(GPS: 40.818675,-79.520183)
P Storage 1895 Gone Brick  
Kittanning   River Road on west side of old Kittanning bridge
(GPS: 40.811712, -79.524920)
P Civic ???? In Use Brick  
Kittanning River Road on west side of old Kittanning bridge.
(GPS: 40.812320, -79.525390)
F ???? ???? In Use Wood  
Leechburg   2nd Street at River Street
(GPS: 40.625811, -79.605703)
C Railroad 1887 Gone Brick  
Schenley Railroad Street
(GPS: 40.684066, -79.662988)
P Railroad 1998 In Use Wood
Yatesboro NE corner of Industrial and 2nd Streets
(GPS: 40.799485, -79.334082)
C Residence ???? Gone Wood  
Apollo This brick combination passenger/freight station was on the north side of 1st Street on the east side of the tracks (GPS: 40.581617, -79.567427). In the late 1890s this station became a freight-only station with the station across the river in West Apollo (Westmoreland Co.) serving as the passenger station. For a short period, service was suspended to this station as the railroad bridge across the river on the north side of town fell into disrepair and the RR planned to abandon it (this bridge was located at GPS: 40.587400, -79.568605). A delegation from the town travelled to Philadelphia to meet with RR officials to plead their case to keep train service to Apollo. The RR agreed and a new bridge was constructed south of town (located at GPS: 40.571501, -79.564367) (see page 60 of the book "1816-1916; History of Apollo, Pennsylvania: The Year of a Hundred Years" by Thomas James Henry for a discussion of RR service to the town). In 1915 the station is once again listed on maps as a passenger/freight station.
(West Apollo)
This frame combination passenger/freight station was near where Orr Avenue meets PA66 at approximately GPS: 40.577864, -79.569225 (in Westmoreland County). In the late 1890s an new frame station was built here next to the original station and this new station became a passenger-only station with the station across the river in Apollo (Armstrong Co.) serving as the freight station. According to the 1904 map, both the old station and the new station co-existed for a brief time with the old station serving as storage. The original station was gone by the time the 1909 map was published. This station was also called Paulton for some time.
AvonmorE Station The passenger station was across the river from Avonmore in Armstrong County in what was then called North Avonmore. The location was at the end of the present bridge where the road is now. During the early 1950s the tracks were realigned all the way from Blairsville to Salina during the construction of Conemaugh Dam. The old road bed is the current road to the coal loading facility owned by Rosebud Coal. There was a freight station in the borough of Avonmore but no passenger station. The borough of Avonmore was accessed by a spur.
Brady's Bend  
Cherry Lane This station was just south of Apollo.
Chickasaw This was on the Tidal Branch.
Colwell Station
Dock Hollow  
Donely's Station This was along the line just northeast of where Donely's Island is.
East Mosgrove This station burned on April 14, 1903 according to the Pittsburgh Daily Post (4/15/1903). The station agent, A.U. Howard, was seriously burned in the fire.
East Mosgrove  
Freeport The original station was also known as Buffalo Station (it's called that on the 1876 map). It was on the south side of Buffalo Street on the east side of the tracks (GPS: 40.676301,-79.6913).
Freeport This station was on the west side of 3rd Street on the north side of the tracks (GPS: 40.671745, -79.687869).
Ford City   The original brick combination station here was on 3rd Avenue just SW of 5th Street at GPS: 40.764951, -79.537831. When the new station was built sometime between 1900-1904, this station served as the freight station. It went out of service when the new freight station was built near 10th Street and was demolished soon after (sometime between 1913-1921).  
Ford City This second-generation passenger station was on 3rd Avenue at the west end of Ford Avenue at GPS: 40.771164, -79.532474. The station survived at least until the late 1970s.
Ford City A brick freight station was built here in 1888. A new freight house with a brick head end and frame entension was built sometime between 1913 and 1921. It was located on 3rd Avenue between 10th Street and O'Connor Street (GPS: 40.771940, -79.531545).
Ford City
(West Ford City)
Iron Bridge  
Kaylor The WARR was later part of the B&LE. This station burned down on February 3, 1927 (The Evening News, 2-3-1927).
Kelly's Station  
Kittanning The first station here was at the same location as the existing station. It was a combination station, but then a freight station was built behind it to the north sometime between 1886 and 1891.
Kittanning The freight station was built between 1886 and 1891 and was just NW of the original passenger station at GPS: 40.818935, -79.520500. This station was short-lived as both the original passenger station and this freight station were torn down by 1895 to make way for a new passenger station and a new, larger freight station to the east.
Kittanning The new freight station was just east of the new passenger station at GPS: 40.818690, -79.519883. Is this building still standing? There is a building at that location with the same footprint, but online maps cannot render it with enough detail to tell.
(W. Leechburg)
  The second passenger station for Leechburg, was actually located across the Kiski River from Leechburg, in West Leechburg, Westmoreland County. The station was called Leechburg by PRR and was reached by the bridge that is shown in the picture. The foundation concrete and brick walks are still visible. The specific location was Bridge Street, West Leechburg. This station was built around 1904 after a flood destroyed the RR bridge at the eastern end of Leechburg, thus cutting off the town and its original 1887 station (which is still standing).
Mahoning In 1876 the hotel and depot were in the same building. A new station was built here in 1889.
Manorville   This station was ont he south side of Mill Street on the east side of the tracks at approximately GPS: 40.787977, -79.519642.
Mc Williams  
Nu Mine  
Oakland Junction  
Parker City W.H. Spain was the agent here in 1876. The station was on the south side of 4th Street on the west side of the tracks. This station may have served the Parker & Karns City narrow gague line (later part of the Pittsburgh & Western) as well. Not sure what this street is called today or if it even exists anymore where the depot was. 
Parker's Landing  
Peart's Eddy  
Pine Creek Station This station was just north of Mosgrove and is shown on the 1876 map.
Pine Furnace  
Redbank Station  
  Station was torn down during WWII.
Rural Valley  
Sagamore This station was located in the northwest quadrant of the crossing of the B&S main line and Post Office Road, approximately 800 feet southeast of the intersection of that road with Route 210 (GPS: 40.775986, -79.228208). It was a larger station by B&S standards, being perhaps the size of the station at DuBois. A freight station/house was located southeast on the opposite side of the tracks. The station does not appear in a 1939 aerial photo, but the freight station/house was still present at that time. 
Schenleys Station A. Tripp was the station agent here in 1876. It was located near the north end of Railroad Street near GPS: 40.684066, -79.662988.
Schenley This station was on Railroad Street at GPS: 40.684066, -79.662988 just in front of the main gate of the old Jos. R. Finch Distillery. The station was made of wood and insulbrick.
Seminole This was on the Oakland Branch.
Tidal junction  
West Mosgrove
West Templeton  
White Rock This station was between Kelly's Station and Donely's Station near the White Rock ferry. It is shown on the 1876 county map.
Notes About Existing Stations...

Schenley (Kiski Junction RR) - Built on the site of the old PRR station.