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This page, in association with Amazon.com, will feature books and maps about railroad stations and Ohio railroading in general. Lots of pages have Amazon links but I have taken the time to add books and maps of specific interest to visitors of the Existing Ohio RR Stations Page. I will add books and maps as I have time and discover new ones worth listing. Amazon has great prices on books and I get a small commission from any sales that come from this page. I don't plan to get rich from this but rather raise enough money to help pay for the web space to continue to expand the Existing Ohio RR Stations site by offering more photos and info. Email me with any books on stations, railroads, or Ohio history you have read and recommend.

--Dan West

Books by H. Roger Grant

Author: H. Roger Grant Title: Ohio's Railway Age In Postcards (1996)
1884836194_m.gif (11207 bytes) This is by far my favorite book on on Ohio stations and I highly reccomend it to any Ohio depot fan or history buff. It is basically a photo (postcard) album of Ohio stations from the turn of the century. There are 102 different stations pictured in the book (with brief descriptions), many of which are long gone. Click here to see the list of stations pictured. Grant is a former Univ. of Akron history prof., now teaching at Clemson. This book is currently on back order at Amazon, but they expect to be able to ship it to you within 3-5 weeks. Well worth any wait!
Hardcover,  Cost: $32.95 Click Here To Buy!


Author: H. Roger Grant Other Ohio and Railroad Related Titles by H. Roger Grant

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Title Click Price For More Info
Living In The Depot: The Two Story Railroad Station (1993) (various states) $12.76 Softcover
$32.95 Hardcover
Railroads in the Heartland : Steam and Traction in the Golden Age of Postcards (1997) $20.97 Hardcover
Railroad Postcards in the Age of Steam (1994) $29.95 Hardcover
Erie Lackawanna : Death of an American Railroad, 1938-1992 (published 1994) $49.50 Hardcover
$15.96 Softcover
The North Western : A History of the Chicago & North Western Railway System (1996) $49.95 Hardcover
Ohio in Historic Postcards : Self-Portrait of a State (1997) (non-railroad book) $24.50 Hardcover

Series: The Next Station Will Be. . .

This is a series of books published by The New Jersey Midland Railroad Historical Society. The books are collections of depot photos from 1910 along various parts of the Erie RR. I own three of these so far and highly reccomend them as the photos are 6.25" X 9" and supplemented by timetables and system maps. Click the price or book cover for more info or to buy. Vols. 9, 10 and 12 have Ohio stations pictured.

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Vol. 9 - Erie Mainline
Salamanca, NY to Marion, OH
Only $17.50 (60 pgs.)

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Vol. 10 - Erie Mainline
Marion, OH to Chicago, IL
Only $20.00 (60 pgs.)

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Vol. 11 - Erie Branches
Between Jersey City, NJ and Roochester, NY
Only $26.00 (80 pgs.)

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Vol. 12 - Erie Branches
Between Meadville, PA and Marion, OH
Only $16.00 (52 pgs.)

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Vol. 13 - Braches
Buffalo Div., Bradford Div., Dunkirk Br.
Only $20.00 (60 pgs.)

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New York & Long Branch Railroad
Only $15.00

DeLorme Atlases

DeLorme Atlases are a must for any serious depotfan or railfan. Some of these offered by Amazon are not the current editions but who cares! The older the map the better when rails are concerned. Although there is no map that shows every old rail bed, the DeLorme Atlases do have quite a few and offer enough detail so you'll never get lost. It even has jeep trails if you really like to get crazy. I own four of these state Atlases and am on my second Ohio Atlas (the first was worn out from heavy use). The Ohio Atlas scale is 1:150,000 (1inch to 2.4 miles). The Amazon price on these is lower than you'll get in a store. They're perfect for any outdoor activities and those who do more than fall into tourist traps during trips. delormeoh.gif (16874 bytes)



State Price (click to order)
Ohio $13.56
Pennsylvania $13.56
New York $13.56
Indiana $13.56
West Virginia $13.56
Virginia $13.56
Kentucky $13.56
Michigan $13.56
Most Other States Available Search Amazon

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