This is not just a laundry list of general railroad sites on the web like you see on other sites; you can find (or have found) those for yourself. I have looked at the pages below and found their content to be of specific interest to readers of my page. All the links deal with stations in general and railroads in Minnesota. I try to get you as close to the action as possible. Links in each section are listed in no particular order. Email me to be added to the list.

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Minnesota Station Links

To be listed in this section a site must contain some information about, or photos of, station(s) in Minnesota. Email me to be added to the list.

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Minnesota Railroad Links

These are sites about railroads or attractions in Minnesota. These sites are typically of interest to depot enthusiasts, although information about stations is secondary or non-existant. Email me to be added to the list.
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Station Sites For Other States/Countries

To be listed in this section a site must contain some information about, or photos of, station(s) in locations other than PA or Ohio. Email me to be added to the list.
  • Louis VanWinkle's Michigan Passenger Stations Page is chock full of nice photographs and details about each station pictured. More of a feature on each station than a database, sure to grow as others enjoy this page. Also see his new page on Wisconsin Passenger Stations!!

  • Butch Getz is building a new site that features stations from the Indiana/Illinois area. He will be adding more soon so show your support by checking out his Station Of The Month.

  • The Pere Marquette Historical Society has a page devoted to remaining PM depots and structures. Very nice photos and plenty of info to script a photo  trip.

  • A guy going be the name of Jolly Goodfellow has a page about Utah Railway Stations and Depots.

  • Randy Noseworthy's Newfoundland Rail Scenes is an online album of railway and rail-related photographs, featuring locations, stations, equipment and people he has photographed during his railfanning travels.

  • Zane Riester's "Railroad Station Home Page" features photos and information on European stations, mostly Italy and France for now. The page includes some photos of stations and an appreciation of their architectural heritage.

  • Gary LaPointe's Railroad Stations In New Hampshire Page has just joined the "stations page" fraternity. Not many counties in the state but there seems to be lots of existing and past stations listed there. This could spark a few road trips to this beautiful state for some depot hunting. Also see Gary's new Massachusetts RR Stations page.

  • Charles Woolever's Existing Stations in New York State. Easily the most comprehensive station site on the net. Chock full of information and photos, his page is visually appealing and updated regularly.

  • The Oklahoma List by John Kirk tables info and photos on stations in that state.

  • Rob Hughes' Railway Stations in Ontario, Canada provides listings by district.

  • Michael Ellis documents a good number of Stations In Northeast Texas with great photos and information.

  • Paul Wilson's Central Virginia Railfan Page. The content there is thorough and includes maps and photos. Includes a page of existing structures and everything you need to know about railfanning central VA.

  • A short list of Existing Stations In Maryland by J. L. Toth. Appears to be those in larger cities and preservation efforts with good detail on those listed.

  • The Rochester & Genesse Valley RR Museum in Industry, NY has a detailed page with photos and a virtual photo tour of its attractions and Erie RR depot. It's better to visit in person but if you can't see this page.

  • Clara's Restaurant home page. Includes two paintings of their station restaurants in Battle Creek and Lansing, Michigan. Real beef, smoked ham and bacon on their "Cow Catcher Burger" make it a real heart-stopper (I mean that in a good way).

  • The Santa Fe Railway Historical and Modeling Society photo collection includes old pix of Colorado, Kansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas depots.

  • The Lincoln County, MN Historical Museum uses a station as their main building and has a photo on its page.

  • Some information on the Scio, OR depot that houses a museum of local 1880s history. Additionally, Scio bills itself as the "Covered Bridge Capital of the West." Sorry no photos.

  • The Lee's Summit, MO Chamber of Commerce, Economic Development Council, and Historical Society are housed in a historic depot. This page has a photo of said station.

  • A page about the Ypsilanti, MI, Depot that appears to be written by kids, for kids. It has an old photo and the history of the station that includes that sentence: "It's called Depot Town because there is a railroad station there that used to be very, very important for people who traveled by train." . . . Well said!

  • The Southern Central Station in Newark Valley, NY has its own page with a nice photo and brief history.

  • A photo of the Durango, CO station at the city's web page.


Other Links

Sites not classifiable into one of the previous categories. Email me to be added to the list.
  • Adam Burns has a site dedicated to all things railroad in the USA at his site.

  • Guide to 17,000 rail-related websites including railroad history, train travel, model railroading, railfan resources, train simulators, and railroad industry sites.